Traits Of Complimentary Products

  • Not health insurance but makes health insurance better
  • Can use it to pay your deductible or anything else
  • Great for families
  • Affordable

Cancer Plans

  • Manages risks associated with cancer
  • Often paid in one lump sum
  • Can be used however you see fit
    • Travel Expenses
    • Hotel Stay
    • Lost Wages
    • Medical Bills

Critical Illness

  • Single lump sum payment when the insured is diagnosed with a specific illness
  • Examples include:
    • Heart Attack
    • Stroke
  • Some plans also pay for:
    • Major organ transplants
    • Kidney failure
    • Coronary/bypass surgery
  • Payout is often tax exempt

Hospital Indemnity

  • Pays you when you are hospitalized
    • Per day
    • Lump sum
  • Optional Riders
    • Ambulance
    • Outpatient Rehap
    • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Cancer


  • Manages the risks associated with your teeth
    • Preventative, Basic, and Major benefits
    • Waiting periods
    • Implant coverage
    • Pre-existing conditions


  • Manages the risks associated with your eyes
    • Annual exam
    • Coverage for Glasses/Contacts
    • Discounts for Laser Surgery

Travel Insurance

  • Coverage when traveling
    • Medical
    • Evacutation
    • RX
    • AD&D

Trip Insurance

  • Coverage if trip is canceled
    • Pays flat amount for the trip
    • Medical coverage
    • Evacuation
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