About 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC

The 5 Star Vision

1. Total Independence

5 Star Insurance Group, LLC is an independent agency specializing in the products of over 30+ different insurance companies. We are distinctly different than most other agencies, who are captive to the products of only one insurance company.

Simply, every person is different, and 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC researches every possible option, finding a unique solution for each individual, with the very best combination of service, coverage and price.

2. Superior Service

Our healthcare system and its underlying regulatory environment has become increasingly complicated and confusing.

We take the time to explain the health and life insurance plans we carry in simple terms, so you can easily understand your coverage options.

As an Independent Agency, 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC emphasizes after-the-sale customer service, including personalized claim assistance and routine reviews of each customer’s ever-changing insurance needs.

3. Continuing Education

Given the complexities of today’s insurance, such as the Affordable Care Act and Medicare compliance, it is absolutely essential to work with a recognized expert. Patti-Jo, and 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC associates are dedicated to health and life insurance education. 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC routinely offers insurance events and courses specifically designed to make you an informed, better-educated consumer of health and life insurance.

Our History

Since 2008, 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC has been providing health and life insurance to individuals and groups throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Our knowledgeable team is known for superior service. We are very proud of our achievements and are grateful to all the loyal clients who’ve been with us on this journey!

To accomplish these goals, 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC makes it a priority to attract and retain the very best independent health and life insurance professionals, who share our vision for building long-term relationships. 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC ’s president, Patti-Jo Toellner, takes great pride in her employees, and invests in their human capital, allowing them to reach their utmost potential – 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC places an emphasis on employees establishing a career, instead of just having a job.