Meet Our Agents

  • Patti-Jo Toellner

    Owner/Licensed Health and Life Insurance Consultant

    Patti-Jo Toellner is the Owner, CEO of 5 Star Insurance Group, LLC. With over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, she is recognized as an expert...

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  • Staci Evans

    Licensed Health and Life Insurance Consultant

    Staci Evans is a Licensed Health & Life Insurance Consultant with expertise in interpreting the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. As an independent consultant,...

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  • Justin Zastrow

    Licensed Health Insurance Consultant

    Having worked directly with BlueCross Blue Shield of NJ for 12 years; Justin returned to his home state of Wisconsin to join the 5 Star Insurance Team.

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On behalf of the Entrepreneurs Anonymous Advisory Board, thank you very much for facilitating the April 26 EA meeting on Health Insurance! The attendees gained a great deal of valuable information, as reflected by the positive ratings on the usefulness, relevance, and overall quality of the meeting content, as well as your knowledge of the topic. Attendees commented, “Patti-Jo did an excellent job,” “good interchange,” and “I hate insurance and I enjoyed this meeting.” Thank you for making this such a well-received, interactive meeting!

Lisa Bell
Coordinator, Entrepreneurs Anonymous