Bring out the best you in January

Bring out the best you in January


January is the month of resolutions.  So often people come of the holiday season with extreme resolutions and for many, these resolutions don’t make it through the month.  Instead of resolving to go on an extreme diet, or make big financial decisions; here are a few ways to make it through January with your new year’s resolution.


Write your Resolution down, and come back to it

Think of writing your resolution goals down as a way of putting it into the world.  Put it on a something that you can display and see easily.  Maybe it is on a sheet on the front of your refrigerator, or on a poster in your room.  You can leave space to add positive comments to hit and even the dates of when you achieve a milestone towards your goal.  Stay positive, put a fun spin on your goal and most of all keep at it!


Don’t fall into the “I don’t have time” excuse

It is easy to say, “oh I can work out tomorrow, or do more next week to get to my goal.” Unless you have extreme willpower, this is the beginning of the slippery slope into giving up on your resolution.  It is a good Idea to get a large calendar or planner, and similar to your resolution, write down times to work on your resolution.  Staying organized is a great way to completing a goal.


A healthy you, is a happy you

Keeping yourself healthy is a great way to improve your life as a whole.  With many health insurance programs, especially for seniors, you have access to educational classes and fitness programs, often at a reduced cost.  You may also have access to wellness programs included in your plan.  The Agents at 5 Star Insurance Group LLC are always happy to help look into your benefits and see what programs you may have available.


Remember, a resolution is a new year goal.  Make it last longer than a month!


Think beyond January, and bring out the best you in 2019!

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